Flutter - Only Truely Cross Platform Framework

Flutter has change the app developement. It made our life easy since it's truely cross platfomr framework for both mobile and web app development. Flutter supports iOS, Android, Linux, Mac and Windows stable version. It's Flutter the future of mobile and web apps.

Yes, React Native and SwiftUI are also good options.

Here I have developed some apps to help a lot of beginners and intermediate to advanced learns to help with. Most of them are completely free.

Flutter Payment App

This is a beautiful payment app most about UI design. It is help beginners to better understand the UI design aspect of flutter app. You may learn more about the tutorial here. After building this app, you will find Flutter is really efficient at building UI and animation.

Travel App

This is a beautiful Flutter travel app using BLoC state management. If you wanna learn state management, this should be perfect for you. We also covered the how to step by step build the app for both iOS and Android. Learn more about the app and BLoC here. This also cover how to use backend with it.

Flutter Video Player App

This app covers beautiful design aspect as well as complex features like how to play, pause, play next video in app. This video player app tutorial contains controls. 

Flutter E-commerce App

This is a Flutter e-commerce app series. This is officially the first e-commerce app on youtube. This covers beautiful ui, state management package, building repository, building your own API and debugging. This tutorial also teaches how to integrate payment system as well as notification. I hav produced nine tutorials and a lot of supporting tutorials for this series. 

Flutter 3.3 Master Class

This tutorial is for absolute beginners of Flutter. Here I covered every thing about widgets and UI step by step. At the end of this tutorial you will have mastered flutter UI building. As you can see from the picture below, this app contains some complex ui. Even though it's for beginners, but I have covered here how to build resuable widgets. If you finish this tutorial you will feel like you are pro.

Flutter Gym App BLoC State Management

This is an advanced tutorial of state management system of Flutter. For Flutter framework you may use Getx, BLoC, Provider or Riverpod. BLoC is one of the difficult ones but also very efficient one. I have made it very easy for beginners to Learn BLoC. Here I have covered how to load JSON data using BLoC and show in the UI and save the data in storage using Hydrated BLoC. You will also learn how to edit data and save in the storage. Here I also showed how to work with timer in BloC. If you want advanture of BLoC this is for you. 

Flutter Firebase Study App

Here we take one step further for developing Flutter app. We built study or quiz app for Flutter learners. It contains two themes. The interesting part is Firebase. We uploaded the data, images and user information to Firebase Firestore. In e-commerce app, we have used Laravel as backend, but here we use Firebase console. If you just wanna build Flutter app based on Firebase Firestore and Storage, this is the perfect one for you.

Flutter Chat App

This is another Firebase Firestore Flutter tutorial for advanced learners chat application. If you wanna take this course make sure that you did Flutter payment app or Flutter master class course. Here we covered real time communication using Firebase. We also covered how to send notification with sound to iOS and Android.

Flutter To Do App GoLang

This is a To Do app with beautiful UI and animation. We also covered a how to step by step build restful api for your application. For this we have used GoLang language to build api with Flutter. This covers complete CRUD operation.

Flutter Video and Voice Calling App

This tutorials covers more features than any other tutorials before. Here we have used Laravel, Firebase and Agora server to build real time audio, video and text chatting app. This is officially the first Flutter tutorial that covers the above features. Here we learned how to work with different servers in one app. This for you if you want to take your app development skill to a next level. 

Flutter Responsive Web App

Here you will learn how to build a Flutter app that runs both on mobile and browser. This is something that I haven't covered on other tutorials. The main focus of this tutorial is making a responsive Flutter app.

Online Course Selling App

This app has three versions using Getx, BLoC and Riverpod. This is beautiful app with UI which covers course selling. Users may login as seller and user. It has video player, search, paying, notitication, social login and email login. It also comes with Laravel backend.


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