Flutter Online Learning Course App | BLoC State Management

Flutter Online Learning Course App | BLoC State Management

    This is a online learning course app tutorial using BLoC state management. State management and routing both have been done using BLoC.

    It consists for Laravel backend with Firebase for basic social media login. Most of the API are built using Laravel. The backend contains multi admin( super admin panel and teachers panel).

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    App Features

    1. onboard screen
    2. email login
    3. social media login
    4. viewing course
    5. play video course
    6. upload course from backend
    7. view multiple teachers couse
    8. buy course on the front end
    9. stripe payment
    10. super admin panel
    11. teacher admin panel
    12. chatting feature

    State Management

    We used BLoC to manage state and as well for routing. 


    We used Laravel framework for building backend and API. Backend has multi user previliges. It means there are super admins and sub admins. Teachers accounts are sub admin. Super admin can observe and assign roles to the teachers or the sub admins.


    Firebase is used for email login and third party login like Google, Facebook and Apple.


    1. PHP > 7.4
    2. Laravel > 8.8
    3. Flutter > 3.3

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