Flutter Ticket Booking App

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This app tutorial covers Flutter for very beginners step by step. We start from very simple ui like drawing text to complex layout using stack and mixture of column and row widget.

We have explained everything in terms of concepts. We have covered Dart core concepts like classes, modifiers (const, final, static), List & Map. After understanding List & Map, we have loaded Map data and shown on the screen.

Not only that, we have given a demonstration of the theory in the code. Every theory is done with pictures or ppt so that beginners can understand easily. The very complex UI layout is explained using detailed pictures.

Step by step we have covered Routing and Navigation with MaterialApp. We shown how routes are connected with Navigator widget and how to manage the stacks of routes.

We also built reusable widget to reduce code amount.  So at the end of this tutorial you learn how to build simple to complex reusable flutter widgets.

The widgets we built in this tutorial

  1. reusable style component
  2. reusable color pallet
  3. reusable column widget
  4. reusable layout builder widget
  5. reusable colum widget
  6. reusable row widget
  7. reusable ticket widget
  8. master dart concepts like classes, abstract classes and constructors
  9. state management is covered with GetX, BLoC and Riverpod concepts

 The concept we learn here

  1. Dart latest concept
  2. Flutter latest framework
  3. Dart state management packages 
  4. Routing in Flutter using GetX
  5. Dart programming concept in depth like classes, inheritance and abstraction

Complete code for early access 

  1. Patreon link for the code
  2. Buymeacoffee link for the code
  3. Free code for youtube followers

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Ticket app folder structure

flutter app folder structure

Some missing information for youtube followers

Map and List for hotel

List<Map<String, dynamic>> hotelList = [
    'image': 'one.png',
    'place': 'Open Space',
    'destination': 'London',
    'price': 25
    'image': 'two.png',
    'place': 'Global Will',
    'destination': 'London',
    'price': 40
    'image': 'three.png',
    'place': 'Tallest Building',
    'destination': 'Dubai',
    'price': 68

Map and List for Ticket

List<Map<String, dynamic>> ticketList = [
    'from': {
    'to': {
    'flying_time': '8H 30M',
    'date': "1 MAY",
    'departure_time':"08:00 AM",
    'from': {
    'to': {
    'flying_time': '4H 20M',
    'date': "10 MAY",
    'departure_time':"09:00 AM",


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