Flutter Clean Architecture TDD BLoC Course

Flutter Clean Architecture TDD BLoC Course

    This is a course about Flutter Clean Architecture TDD BLoC advanced tutorial or BLoC course. Here in this course we cover in depth about clean architecture with BLoC. Not only it would TDD(test driven development) but also the video course covers clean architecture with BLoC, Cubit and Provider. Students wanna follow this need to take the course from Udemy.

    Clean architecture is extremely important for large scale app dev.

    On Udemy it would be covered in two parts. Students need to buy both. Two courses total 48 hours.

    Check out. I suggest to buy the code here and get free coupon to access on Udemy.  I will give you the free coupon once you buy the code on buymeacoffe ( link downbelow)

    Udemy course Flutter TDD & Clean Architecture part 1 (23 hours)

    Udemy course Flutter TDD & Clean Architecture part 2 (25 hours)

    Or first try it on youtube clean architecture Flutter

    This course is not for beginners. You must have at least 6 months of Flutter dev experience with BLoC or other state management. Don't take this course if you are a Flutter beginner. If you are a beginner you have to take the at least one of the below courses first.

    Flutter Riverpod course for beginners

    Flutter BLoC course with backend for beginners

    This course is best for your below purpose

    1. Job landing impressive CV

    2. Your graduation thesis

    3. Building large scale app

    4. Working in team

    Let's take a look at the UI

    Main features

    1. Social login
    2. View course
    3. Join group chat
    4. Auto create group chat
    5. Leave group chat
    6. Upload video from admin section
    7. Play video from local storage
    8. Profile center (create, delete, update with image)
    9. Receive notification 
    10. Clear notification
    11. Onboarding screen
    12. Firebase integration 
    13. Admin panel
    14. Upload exam

    Architecture features

    1. domain layer
    2. data layer
    3. presentation layer
    4. TDD

    The code itself contains 100 test cases (TDD) which are also shown in the video course. Each presentation, domain and data layer is explained with example and test.

    The app contains two sections like user and admin parts. It's the same app, but we can assign somebody as an admin using their email address in the firebase console. 

    ### By default everyone can login as user but to be able to login as an admin, we need to confirm the email address in the firebase console with a simple step. Admin can perform uploading test, video and quizzes. 

    ### Normal users can login and view videos, take the test, submit a test, see the test result and join group chat. Even after all these, they can receive notification. 

    ### Here we also covered a special topic of sending notifications. This is sending notifications to bunch of different users at the same time. This tutorial is not covered on the internet from other people's courses.

    There are some additional features are not covered in the video course since it would be too long. Additional features are covered in the commercial license.

    State management

    The main state management package used in the course is BLoC. But apart from the we also used Provider and Cubit to do it. So once you finish the course, not only you will learn how to master BLoC but also Provider and Cubit.

    Buymecoffelink source code (commercial license)

    Commercial license includes some extra features which are not covered in the video course. If you buy the commercial license code, you will get free access to udemy course. 

    Commercial license includes the extra features

    1. Mention somebody in the group
    2. Payment with stripe
    3. Ladder board acitivity 
    4. Upload video youtube
    5. Cloud functions 


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