Consult for Scalable Flutter & React Native App

After coding for 12 years, we feel like we learned something about programming and app building. That's why we are prepared to help you whenever you get stuck solving complex problems. We will help you go through your difficult times with Flutter, React Native, Laravel, GoLang, Nodejs, Redux, BLoC, Riverpod and GetX. Not only that, we are also ready to help you with Clean Architecture app building.
Flutter App Building

We have enough experience Flutter app building and architecture. You may reach out to us Flutter app building with state management like GetX, Riverpod and BLoC. We will help you better how architecture from basic MVC to Clean Architecture for large scale app.

  • Flutter + Laravel
  • Flutter + Django
  • Flutter + Nodejs framework
  • Flutter + Java framework
  • Flutter + Riverpod
  • Flutter + BLoC
  • Flutter + GetX
  • Flutter + Provider

GoLang Service for API

Our unique experience with GoLang and Flutter made us professionals in this regards. We are one of the very few who is experienced with Flutter and Golang for building large scale app. Reach out to us for seamless app building idea with Golang and Flutter

  • GoLang Chat and Mobile App
  • GoLang Payment Services
  • GOLang for Custom Forum

React Native App Building

We have over 5 years experience of React Native app building. We efficiently integrate React Native and Nodejs environment for making stunning smooth app.

  • React Native + Firebase
  • React Native + Nodejs
  • React Native + Laravel

Firebase & Google Maps Services

Over the last five years we have build numerous apps using Firebase services. So we are expert of using it with various features like Google Map, Notifications, Firebase storage uploading images and videos.

  • Complex Google Maps Application
  • Firebase Notifications With Server Side
  • Firebase Complex Notifications for Android and iOS

Forum and Chat

We have extensively built chatting and forums. Our chatting involves one on one chatting, group chatting. Forum could be just simple commenting to tree based commenting system. We expanded this to forums.

  • Complex Chatting and Group Chatting
  • Video Chatting
  • Forum Building

Contact us by email Once we confirm our consultancy agreement, we will help you through AnyDesk, TeamViewer, Teams or Google Meet.
  • Consultancy charge per hour 50 USD
  • Must be prepaid through Paypal, Stripe or WeChat
  • You must send consultancy topic early