Flutter Riverpod Notification Sqlite Firebase Task Management App

Flutter Riverpod Notification Sqlite Firebase Task Management App

    This is a Flutter app development course for beginners to advanced learners using some technical features like Riverpod 2.0, Sqlite, Firebase login and Local notification.

    The app development process is fun, since this starts with a beautiful ui and slowly walks down to advanced concepts like, Sqlite CRUD operations, Generating providers with freezed package,  Android dynamic color, Firebase login with OTP and at the end covers flutter local notification both for Android and iOS.

    If you take this Riverpod course on udemy, you will have one on one problem question chatting session if you encounter problems. You will have a few downloadable resources. Udemy also includes additional logout feature. It also includes the complete source code.

    You may also buy the code on buymecoffee.

    You may also get BLoC version of this app buymecoffe

    Youtube fans starter code riverpod

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Tutorial Features

    1. sqlite crud
    2. generating Riverpod 2.0 providers
    3. freezed package
    4. dynamic color
    5. firebase otp
    6. local notification

    Sqlite CRUD

    You would be to create a task, save it the local database, edit and later delete as you want. You can also mark a task completed.

    Generating Riverpod Providers

    You will learn the latest way of generating code with Riverpod 2.0 code generation package and how to work with generated providers.

    We will have providers for sending code and status change, expansion tiles and time management.

    We have generated providers for dart

    1. bool
    2. string
    3. List
    4. custom data type

    After finishing this tutorial, you will master how to work with different providers.

    Freezed Package

    We explained in detail how to generate code with Freezed package and understanding of the code.

    Dynamic Color

    This app shows dynamic colors UI based on users settings on the phone. On Android it can detect the color theme of the users and auto change the our app color itself.

    Firebase OTP

    We covered Firebase OTP and how to get the code and set the code and login and logout. Since Firebase OTP is also like API call, you will learn how to deal with API call and Providers.

    Local Notification

    A notification could be set up and shown using flutter local notification package. This notification is valid for iOS and Android.


    1. Flutter latest (3.10 >)
    2. Riverpod latest (2.0 >)
    3. Firebase latest

    Local Installation

    After downloading the code, you may simply run it both for iOS and Android. You may wish to login with this. If you wanna login, you need to enable Firebase OTP on firebase console.


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