Flutter Restaurant App

Created At: 2024-03-04 04:36:37 Updated At: 2024-04-03 09:55:49

This is an advanced app built based on Flutter, Nodejs and Mongodb.  Flutter side is based on latest version. We have used GetX and Hooks to manage states.

We have used Nodejs express framework to build the backend UI and api. This backend connects with mongodb for data storage.

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Restaurant side implements awesome features. See the features below

1. Management

A restaurant is created with admin panel's support. It must be verified and check with admin.  After verification is passed a restaurant can go on business. Restaurant can be close and open  mode which helps user to know whether a certain restaurant is taking food orders or not.

2. Creating food

First thing about creating requires category selection. There are bunch of categories that you can select from and upload food.

Creating food involves uploading photos, names and mention category. As they create food, they need to select price and sub category along with choosing additives. The additives grow in a dynamic list. You can always edit them.

3. Checking orders

Restaurant managers can check order status. Orders could be in the following states

a) new orders

b) preparing

c) food ready

d) picked 

e) self delivered

Each of the above states could be changed from the restaurant side.

4. Earnings

Restaurants are able to see their earnings. Restaurants are able to request a payout from admin. You will see your stats

5. Pushing to delivery boy

Another useful feature is pushing to the delivery boy. Once you accept orders you can immediately push to the delivery boy. They get immediate notifications to pick up the orders.

flutter restaurant app push to delivery boy

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