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Created At: 2023-12-01 21:59:22 Updated At: 2024-02-23 16:05:48

Flutter Multi Vendor app for grocery store, restaurant app, food delivery and e-commerce app.  This app is designed to be scalable and a template for following purpose. You may use it for

1. food delivery app

2. grocery app

3. e-commerce app

4. shop app or clothes app

5. accessory app

Because it has different panels like for users, vendor and super admin panel. This also comes with a carrier boy or delivery boy app. You have to get the source for each section differently.

Buy source code and get free access to Udemy course. You have to buy at least one of the two  below items  (End user or Vendor App) to get free access to Udemy to get free access to all Udemy course of this project.

If you are not planning to buy the source code, then you need to buy all the three parts of it.

End user from buymeacoffee

Delivery app from buymeacoffee

Vendor app from buymeacoffee

Restapi and payment server from buymeacoffee

Super admin panel from buymeacoffee

Get the apk for testing

Get the course on Udemy part 1

Currently the app is under active development. Expected to finish all the section by 2024 Jan. Once you buy the app, you will get continuous update from the given link.

Technology Stack

1. Nodejs Express framework for rest api

2. Backend database MongoDB

3. Flutter for User, Vendor, Delivery and Super admin app

Project Features

1. End user app

2. Restaurant app

3. Admin app

4. Delivery boy app

All the above technologies like Nodejs, MongoDB and Flutter for modern scalable and beautiful app. 

End User App Features

1. Email verification login

2. Phone number verification for order process

3. Locate user's location

4. Nearby restaurants or shop and order products

5. Choose variety of options of products during product or food placement

6. Use address or default address for shipment

7. Find popular food or products

8. Search food based on given category

9. Search items based on user intention

10. View orders and history

11. Stripe and paypal payment features

12. Receive notification for orders process from restaurants

13. Await on verification process

14. Deleting account

Vendor App Features

1. Email verification login

2. Waiting to be approved

3. Search address in google map

4. Upload restaurant logo and cover photo

5. Create tags for food

6. Upload food detail like name, price, tax, ingredients

7. Upload food images

8. Receive orders

9. Dispatch orders to delivery boy

10. See uploaded products or food

11. View orders and history

Admin App Features

1. Verifiy restaurants

2. Cancel restaurants

3. View all the orders

4. View all the users

5. Confirm restaurants transactions

6. Create food categories

7. View drivers

Installation guide

Go to the link for complete installation guide. We are updating the guide as we are working more.

Multi vendor app installation guide


We have a missing section for youtube at time line https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHlVuQpy8B4

It's the custom_app, reustable_text, app_style

Change log

15. 15-02-2024 Updated address on home page and update on phone verification

14. 10-02-2024 Released Admin app

13. 12-01-2024 Added phone verification and notifications

12. 03-01-2024 Updated correct distance mapping from restaurant and user app

11. 02-01-2024 Updated user location, better address form and overflow issue

10. 14-12-2023 Updated awaiting page on user app

9. 13-12-2023 Updated installation guide

8. 12-12-2023 Updated Restaurant app (registration and waiting)

7. 10-12-2023 Phone number verification

6. 08-12-2023 Email verification

5. 07-12-2023 Restaurant app released (first version)

4. 05-12-2023 Delivery boy app released (first version)

3. 04-12-2023 Update google map accuracy for location selection

2. 02-12-2023 Order screen update with status like pending, successful, cancel

1. 01-12-2023 First version User end (first version)


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    2024-02-18 17:48:19

    Haider Ali, change localhost for ip.

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    2024-02-07 06:05:49

    Hi there, I hope you are well, I am getting this error in this part 3 plz resolve me 😞 I also getting an error of response messages ======== Exception caught by widgets library ======================================================= The following _TypeError was thrown building CategoryList(dirty, useState<List<CategoriesModel>?>: null, useState<bool>: false, useState<Exception?>: ClientException with SocketException: Connection refused (OS Error: Connection refused, errno = 111), address = localhost, port = 54068, uri=http://localhost:6013/api/category/random, useState<ApiError?>: null, useEffect): type 'Null' is not a subtype of type 'List<CategoriesModel>'

  • H

    2024-02-07 06:02:42

    I have getting this error in part 3 I also getting an error of response messages { "status": false, "message": "Spread syntax requires ...iterable[Symbol.iterator] to be a function" } after then again send request i getting this { "status": false, "message": "Otp verification failed" }

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    Coming two days

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    mahmoud hamdy

    2024-02-03 06:10:54

    that is my first ex with nodejs and i loved it from your explain

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    mahmoud hamdy

    2024-02-03 06:10:09

    we need the third part on youtube

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    part 3 will come soon

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    dear dbestech , I want to learn part 3 and other part can you give me these lesson ?? I need to try to become a flutter developer

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