Flutter Task Management App BLoC Notification Sqlite Firebase

Created At: 2024-01-16 13:29:15 Updated At: 2024-01-17 07:05:11

Here we have built a Flutter task management app as local notification app using BLoC, Sqflite and firebase. This app super useful for using as alarm clock and notification app.

We have used BLoC for state management. Sqflite for local data storage like user info and number of task or alams.

You are able to do all the crud operations using BLoC. 

App features

  1. Firebase login
  2. Adding task
  3. Removing task
  4. Updating task 
  5. Adding task for next day
  6. Adding task for the day after tomorrrow
  7. Getting notifications
  8. Opening the task in a new screen

Since firebase is the most convenient to login, we have used firebase login with phone number verification method.

All you need is to create a firebase account and connect to your app.

Since BLoC is the most popular state management package, we have used this to maintain the state like updating the UI and internal communication.

And each time a task is created we choose to save the task in the local storage. For that we have Sqflite.

The app code is update to date with the lastest Flutter version 3.0.0 and above.

Get the complete code

Installation guide 

Connecting with firebase

Here is the installation guide for connecting to firebase. To get the command both for Mac and Windows you visit the link to copy them for SHA1 & SHA256 key.

Test with dummy number

Here we used a dummy phone number to test. Make sure you set them up as 

Flutter iOS settings

Here we will see how to set up for iOS. Make sure you have GoogleService-info.plist. Make sure you get the correct array format from below



Make sure you replace the above string with your own string

Update log

  1. 10-01-2024 Upgrade gradle for android
  2. 26-12-2023 Upgrade to flutter latest
  3. 20-10-2023 First release


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