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Flutter video player step by step with controls

We will do a flutter video player tutorial with controls step by step.

We will cover video player controls, aspect ratio, load videos from network using json files, control video auido, play next video and previous video.

We are not going to use chewie video player.

We will do all controls with the video player.

Check out the link for the starter code(video player starter code only)

Check out the link for the previous tutorial

The complete flutter video player tutorial is below

We will cover the below aspects of video player

1. Loading Videos From JSON File

2. Desgin Video Player List UI

3. Changing Video Index

4. Installing the Plugin

5. Play Video

6. Pause Video

7. Resume Video

8. Mute and Unmute Audio

9. Play Next and Previous Videos

10. Customized Slider

11. Show Video Time on Sider

12. GetX Snackbar for Message to Users