Flutter Multi Vendor App Installation Guide

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Here we will see a step by step installation guide for multi vendor app for flutter. This is a food delivery app. But this could easily be converted into a grocery or shopping app. Make sure you follow them correctly in order.

Quick set up and test

The below quick test set up is given for the users who just bought the End user app. Set the url correctly from below, and then you would be able to test the app without any errort. Just make sure you run the app correctly

Test url for baseUrl

Go to constants.dart file put the link below as baseUrl


Payment url for payment

Go to orderController.dart and put the link inside paymentFunction


You may watch the video as well. Here we have update the link. We are not using railway anymore. We are using the new links shown above.

Upload database schema and show products

Make sure you have the correct agz file from the source code you bought. And then make sure you have installed Studio 3T for upload the given agz file.

Enable search index on Mongodb

Once you have created the foodly database based on the above video, after that we need to make sure we enable search index on Mongodb. Without it, you won't be able to search food on the user app. To enable it please watch the video

Nodemailer setup

Here we will make sure our app email verification is set up correctly. For this we have used nodemailer setup.

Run locally

Here we will see how to run the user end app locally. Here you make sure you have the latest version and run the backend first and then run user end app.

To follow the above tutorial you need to install ngrok. You may learn about it from the link here.

Registration & Login

Make sure you use real email for regsitration. We did email verification for login.

Set up payment server locally

Here we will see how to set up the payment server locally. Make sure you have the latest code. You make sure you have ngrok is running.

Restaurant app verification

Here we will see how to verify a restaurant app. We will also see how to approve as an admin from the database. The app verification could be different from the video since the app is evolving.

Approve restaurant from Admin panel

Firebase set up

Below I show how to set up the app with firebase. Make sure you have google console account with your Gmail.

Phone number verification process set up

Firebase phone number verification process set up. Make sure you have firebase project set up. For testing purpose you may also use +1 as country code and 1234567890 as your phone number and 123456 as verification code.

The above two set up may cause error if you don't set up the process correctly. Make sure you have

  1. Generated they sha key
  2. Making sure the files

Firebase App Check for OTP

Firebase Storage and Permission

rules_version = '2';

// Craft rules based on data in your Firestore database

// allow write: if firestore.get(

//    /databases/(default)/documents/users/$(request.auth.uid)).data.isAdmin;

service firebase.storage {

  match /b/{bucket}/o {

    // This rule allows anyone with your Storage bucket reference to view, edit,

    // and delete all data in your Storage bucket. It is useful for getting

    // started, but it is configured to expire after 30 days because it

    // leaves your app open to attackers. At that time, all client

    // requests to your Storage bucket will be denied.


    // Make sure to write security rules for your app before that time, or else

    // all client requests to your Storage bucket will be denied until you Update

    // your rules

    match /{allPaths=**} {

      allow read, write: if request.time < timestamp.date(2025, 3, 11);




Change App info

If you want to change the app project name watch this tutorial

If you want to change the app name watch this tutorial

If you want to change the app icon watch this tutorial

Enable Firebase Notification

Admin panel set

Here in the below section, we will set up admin panel. Make sure you have set up User end app correctly. Mostly importantly you need to make sure your firebase set up is correct.

Admin panel set up with firebase

Admin panel backend set up

Status change to Admin

Here we will see how to change the client or user status to admin. Make sure you are accessing your mongodb.

Delivery boy setup and the whole process

Here we will see the delivery boy set up and whole process. Make sure you set up user app, restaurant, admin app correctly with firebase setup.


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