SMS verification code request failed unknown status code 17028 Invalid app info in play_integrity_token

Created At: 2024-02-23 15:52:21 Updated At: 2024-02-23 15:58:36

Here we will see the steps that necessary to fix the issues that occurs during SMS verificaiton with Flutter and Firebase.

You may get the below error

SMS verification code request failed: unknown status code: 17028 Invalid app info in play_integrity_token

The above error may happen due to many reasons. For me I countered errors in four places. We know that if we want to integrate Flutter and Firebase SMS service, we need to register Flutter app with Firebase and use the json files given from the Firebase in our project.

First make sure you have google-services.json file is put in the android/app folder. If you used flutterfire configure command to do it, it might be corrupted. 

I would suggest that, you redownload the file and put in the android/app folder.

Second you should make sure you create SHA1 and SHA256 code and put the android project in Firebase console.

Third you need to enable phone authentication along with Google login authentication. It's very important.

Fourth you need to register your phone number in the Firebase console the one that you want to test with.

If after that if you don't get SMS, you may need to go back to step 1 and redownload the json file and put the folder.

Along the way, you also need to make sure you delete the old apk from the emulator and try again. And at the same time, if one phone number does not work, try a different one.


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