Flutter Task Management App With Restful API | GoLang

This is a beautiful task managment app with restful api using getx and provider. We will use GoLang restful api for network call. This app implements complete CRUD operations using GoLang Api.

Features include, 

1. adding task

2. remvoing task

3. editing task

4. view all tasks

5. view a single task

This app has been made using both Getx and Provider. So you can unlock your prefered state management app code from the link below

Patreon link for the code using getx  https://www.patreon.com/posts/63575828

Patreon link for the code using provider https://www.patreon.com/posts/64609914


Here we have total six screens. Home, Edit, Add, View all, View Standalone, Edit Screen.

Part 1


Part 2

Starter code 


Let's see the pages

Home page

Home page starts with adding or viewing all options

task app home page flutter

View page

View all tasks page. Data comes from restful api request. Here you can see total task. You can also add task from this page. It shows up with animation. Adding and viewing all intereact with GoLang for server restful api.

View/Edit task page

Here you can select a task and view or edit. Here it pops up a beautiful bottom navigation bar. It pops up when you swipe your list.

task app edit page flutter

Add task page

Here you can add a new task and send to backend using restful api.

Edit task page

Here you can edit and send to backend using restful api delete method.

Wating to delete task page

It's a waiting animation when you delete a task. This is for waiting. Here you can swipe and delete a task and then you see the animation.

How we get all the data

We get all the data using getData() method from the server. 

  Future<void> getData() async {
    _isLoading = true;
    Response response = await service.getData(AppConstants.GET_TASKS);
      print("we got the data");

      print("we did not get any data");
    _isLoading = false;

_myData is accessed on the UI using myData. 

 List<dynamic> _myData=[];
  List<dynamic> get myData=>_myData;

Once you load the data using _loadData(), you can access myData and it's properties like


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