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flutter getx app tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to build a flutter getx app using flutter getx package step by step. We have covered getx route, state management, passing arguments, named routes, creating controllers and dependency injection. 

Download the starter code from the link below

The video tutorial

00:00:00 introduction demo

0:01:38 Install getx package

0:02:25 Initialize homepage

0:02:54 Use GetMaterialApp to make it a getx app

0:03:41 GetX initialRoute for home page navigation 0:03:59

GetX getPages for declaring routes

0:07:55 go to a new page or route

0:09:52 Load json data using DefaultAssetBundle()

0:19:59 Get.toNamed() to go to a named route with GestureDetector onTap event

0:21:14 Define the named route in getPages()

0:22:01 Use Get.back() to go back to previous page

0:23:20 Pass arguments in GetX using arguments property with named route

0:25:19 Receive arguments using Get.arguments()

0:26:00 Pass multiple arguments using GetX

0:40:00 to go to another new page

0:51:56 AppBar with to return to home page

0:56:00 Create a controller class using GetXController

0:57:06 Declare a variable for state management with obs property to make it observable

0:57:40 GetX Dependency Injection