Flutter Getx Provider Riverpod and BLoc Which One to Use

Flutter Getx Provider Riverpod and BLoc Which One to Use

    Here is the basic difference BLoC, Riverpod and Getx. I started learning with Getx and I found it's much easier and then learning others from here, make your life easier.

    Once you learn Getx very well, you will find it's really easy to learn other state managment libraries. 


    1. Easy to learn

    2. Covers routing

    3. Provide beautiful animation

    4. Http request

    6. State Management

    7. Auth Middleware

    With Getx if you know how a controller works and what is obs or where to use update methods you are good to go. 

    Getx syntax and coding style is very classiscal with Java, C# or PHP.


    1. Little more difficult than Getx

    2. Covers State Management 

    3. Easy tool for quick app development

    4. State inspection in dev tool

    5. Code is relatively readable

    Riverpod provides different kinds of providers. For beginners a little hard to grasp the content.

    Riverpod's syntax style like BLoC or Cubit. For Example when you create StateNotifierProvider, it's same as create a BLoC class.


    1. Little more difficult than Getx but eaiser than Riverpod

    2. Covers State Management

    3. Many Flutter plugins are written in Provider, so it's worth learning.

    In the above video tutorial I talked about how to convert your Getx app to Provider app.


    1. Very difficult for beginners (creating states and events could look confusing)

    2.. Covers State Management

    3. Provide great unit test

    4. Let's you see the deep into the flutter framework

    5. Keeps the code cleaner and redeable. 

    BLoC is very popular and used in the many earlier apps.  In many aspects you will find BLoC, Provider and Riverpod are very similar.

    See my suggestions how to learn the state management 

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