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Algorithms are the heart of advanced computer programming with Robotics and AI learning. They are crucial not only for better job and programming, but also if you want to be a data analyst or researcher in this field. Being good at different algorithms also look good on your CV and gets you high flying job in big companies like Google, Intel or Apple.

Here we will cover in depth the principles and algorithms of Robotics and AI. Initially we will mostly focus on algorithms those are the most basics for AI and Robotics.

These algorithm are BFS, DFS A*Star, STRIPS planning algorithm and slowly we will move to more concrete algorithm for neural networks.

Apart from those above mentioned, we will also have detail analysis of Dikjstra's algorithm. We will also explore SLAM framework.

We will also see vSLAM, LiDAR SLAM. 

And the detail analysis of the algorithm involves in SLAM.

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