Should You Learn Laravel As a Backend Framework?

Created At: 2023-01-05 19:59:10 Updated At: 2023-01-06 03:08:33


Yes, It's still very relavent and popular and infact it ranks number one in terms of popularity in Github star counts. And it's leasy to start with and make your project up and running.

There are many major benefits of learning Laravel

  1. easy to start with
  2. beginners friendly
  3.  covers everything a framework should have
  4.  compile free
  5. majority of the web and application hosting supports laravel installation
  6. tons of tutorials out there

But you may also learn other backend technology like Firebase, Java and GoLang. As time passing they are meeting different requirements a framework should have.

Laravel is used by a lot of small companies and medium size companies. Big companies also use it with technologies together.

Laravel is awesome tool for doing freelancing job and make your project up and running in short time.


Java is used by big enterprises and lot of jobs out there for it. But it's popularity is declining. Even though it's declining, but it would still relevant and lots of jobs for the next decade.


Golang is the one replacing both Java and Python.  GoLang support great concurrency and great for extremley large projects.

GoLang is great for building api service. Check my Flutter GoLang tutorial which covers Flutter and Api building using GoLang.


Firebase is on the rise due to Flutter, Angular and React Native. Firebase API pretty much supports every thing you need. Youtube has tons of tutorials about it. And I have created around 20 hours course on Firebase and Flutter.

Compare the popularity of the backend framework from here

which is one is more popular?


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