PHP str_replace for string replacing

PHP str_replace for string replacing


    It's your best friend when you have a string, and wanna replace part of the string with other things or other strings or anything.

    It takes three arguments

    str_replace("word to look for", "word to replace with", "original string")

    Example 1

    $str = "hello world";
    $newStr = str_replace("world", "dbestech", $str);

    This would print

    hello dbestech


    Example 2

    Another good exmple when you do url manupulatation for seo in PHP or Laravel. You wanna replace the white space with "-". So str_replace() comes to rescue you.

    $url = "the best backend framework";
    $newUrl = str_replace(" ", "-", $url);

    This would print somethng like below



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