Flutter Responsive Website | A Web App for Beginners

Created At: 2021-08-22 22:00:46 Updated At: 2023-11-05 07:12:39

You will learn how to build a responsive flutter web app  tutorial step by step for beginners. This is done without any state management package. You may also follow the other responsive one at the second section.

We covered how to build

  1. responsive top bar,
  2. top bar with opacity,
  3. drawer menu,
  4. background image,
  5. aspect ratio,
  6. hover over effect,
  7. access bar,
  8. floating point access bar,
  9. responsive carousel slider with indicator,
  10. indicator with hover over effect,
  11. change color on hover over,
  12. aspect ration and slider,
  13. responsive image slider,
  14. featured heading,
  15. flutter slider with image,
  16. flutter responsive footer.

Watch video tutorial

This app is also suitable for mobile devices. 

Starter code github link


Latest one

This is a Flutter responsive web app tutorial with backend. Flutter web app has been a difficult coding experience for beginners. Here we take away the pain of it. 

This app is built using Flutter for frontend, Riverpod for state management and Firebase for backend. This is portfolio app where you can upload information like, skills, showcase other sliding information from the Firebase.

There are subsections in the app, where you can slide photos and they come from backend. The app is fully responsive on pc, laptop, browser, and mobile. You may also run on your tablet.


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