Flutter E-commerce App With BLoC & Clean Architecture Production Ready Code

Created At: 2024-01-04 07:36:39 Updated At: 2024-03-11 07:23:17

Flutter BLoC Clean Architecture e-commerce app using the latest api of BLoC along with Nodejs rest api. This clean architecture course would be same as our earlier BLoC Clean Architecture since they both follow all the features of scalable app building. This is a production ready clean code.

Clean Architecture Folder Structure

This clean architecture BLoC focuses to build an e-commerce app with payment. The source code includes backend. So the code we cover userend and backend. 

Let's take a look at the app features

  1. On boarding screen
  2. Registration screen
  3. Country code screen
  4. Login feature
  5. Email confirmation
  6. Reset password
  7. Placing order
  8. View products
  9. Product rating
  10. Choose different product 
  11. Choose product size
  12. Cart management
  13. Payment feature
  14. Backend admin
  15. Search product based on category
  16. Search product based on subcateogry
  17. Comment product
  18. Light mode theme
  19. Dart mode theme
  20. Cron job on orders
  21. Payment profile
  22. Email confirmation on payment

Commercial lisence code

The commercial license app comes with richer features like with a Flutter backend and dark and light mode. It would also cover payment section.

The complete code would be released by the end of March. The complete source code would include 75+ screen altogether for dark and light theme.

If you buy the commercial license code, you get free access to the BLoC Udemy course of the three parts of this tutorial.

Commercial liscence code

Udemy course

Frontend Technical Stack

This app integrates all the popular packages to faciliate user experience and app development easy. Let's take a look the below picture and break down why we have used them.

Apart from clean architecture approach we have used equatable, dartz, go_router, BLoC, Cubit, get_it, country_picker.

We have used equatable package to check to objects same or not. Then we dartz package to handle server response correctly. 

After that go_router is better for nested navigation. Otherwise than we could have just used Flutter native navigation. 

At the end get_it helps us to inject dependencies just like we used for BLoC pattern.

Backend Tech Stack

As we are building a scalable app, Nodejs seems to be the best for backend. Instead of using bare bone Nodejs we go with Express framework which will make life easier. 

Since we also want to use modern database system, we use Mongodb as a database which is more like Firebase NoSQL.

Cron job

We have implemented cron job for backend process. This cron job checks in the backend whether some of your orders are pending or not.

User's order placement may go wrong, so we have to keep track of the orders and total product stocks in our backend inventory. 

This is where the cron job application comes. So we are able to do real time update of our products in the backend and front-end based on user interaction.

Let's see our cron job at the server level log. 

Installation process

1. simply get the source code

2. set up server correctly based on this article 

3. make sure you have mongodb and connection string in the .env file

4. make sure have an .env. If not then create one and put the Strings from the below

5. then run npm start

API_URL = /api/v1
PORT = 3000
IP = localhost
ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET = whoismybrother
REFRESH_TOKEN_SECRET = takeusbacktoourbrother
CONNECTION_STRING = "Put your String here"/?retryWrites=true&w=majority


Currently the connection string is given in the code itself. You may simply use that. For email, use the given crendentials on then .env file of the source code.

More frontend features and backend app is still under active development. Frontend all the features and backend api would be done by end of January 2024.

Backend connection

For now, you may use the connection string given in .env file

 Current version

Installation guide

Import the database

Let's learn to use your own database. Make sure you have agz file in the downloaded folder. Also make sure you have studio 3T installed

Node mailer setup

Make sure you set up correctly for node mailer. Watch the video to set up your own email sender for your application 

Change log

12. 16-02-2024 Added profile page and edit page with cart update

11. 11-01-2024 Added email confirmation sent on payment

10. 10-01-2024 Added payment animation

9. 10-01-2024 Updated cart & animation

8. 02-01-2024 Updated the cron job for product orders

7. 28-12-2023 Updated the commenting

6. 27-12-2023 Updated the rating system

5. 25-12-2023 Updated side bar

4. 20-12-2023 Comment update on frontend and backend

3. 15-12-2023 Backend api update for home page and product search

2. 11-12-2023 Backend api update for products

1. 09-12-2023 Login ui and basic backend


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