Flutter Audio Player

Flutter Audio Player

    Here you will learn how to step by step build an audio player using flutter. We will build a complete ui for the audio player and will have the below functions for the app.

    1. load audio from the internet

    2. play audio

    3. play audio fast (fast forward and backward)

    4. play audio slow

    5. pause the audio

    6. resume the audio

    7. show the time on the slider

    Download the resources for the audio player


    Watch Youtube Video here


    Run the below commands to upgrade

    1. Run flutter upgrade in the terminal to upgrade Flutter
    2. Run dart migrate to run the dart migration tool.
    3. flutter pub upgrade --null-safety
    4. Check the code for errors and solve them (Very important).
    5. Run dart migrate again and it should now be successful. Follow the link to checkout the proposed changes.
    6. Press the "Apply Migration" button.
    7. Check the code for errors again and fix them.


    Errors and warnings fix

    Lot of the errors happens if you upgrade to flutter 3.0

    1. There could be errors about the IconButton

      Widget btnLoop() {
        return IconButton(
            icon:   ImageIcon(
              size: 15,
              color: Colors.black,
            ), onPressed: () {  },

    In the above code we added the onPressed event.

    2. Make the following change from

    this.widget.advancedPlayer!.setPlaybackRate(playbackRate: 0.5);



    playbackRate is not defined in setPlaybackRate() new version of the plugin and flutter upgrade. So we need to remove it.

    3.  Change setUrl() to the below code

        change setUrl to setSourceUrl

    4. Change onPlayerCompletion to onPlayerComplete

     this.widget.advancedPlayer!.onPlayerComplete.listen((event) {

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    Show time on Slider

    If you get error during the slider part, make sure your code is like below

      Widget slider() {
        return Slider(
            activeColor: Colors.red,
            inactiveColor: Colors.grey,
            value: _position.inSeconds.toDouble(),
            min: 0.0,
            max: _duration.inSeconds.toDouble(),
            onChanged: (double value) {
              setState(() {
                value = value;
      void changeToSecond(int second){
        Duration newDuration = Duration(seconds: second);

    Make sure that, you are calling the slider() method inside build method().

      Widget build(BuildContext context) {
          children: [

    Code for app_colors.dart

    import 'dart:ui';
    final Color background = Color(0xFFfafafc);
    final Color sliverBackground = Color(0xFFfafafc);
    final Color menu1Color=Color(0xFFf9d263);
    final Color menu2Color= Color(0xFFf2603d);
    final Color menu3Color= Color(0xFF04abe6);
    final Color tabVarViewColor=Color(0xFFfdfdfd);
    final Color starColor=Color(0xFFfdc746);
    final Color subTitleText=Color(0xFFc5c4ca);
    final Color loveColor=Color(0xFF00ace6);
    final Color audioBluishBackground=Color(0xFfdee7fa);
    final Color audioBlueBackground= Color(0xFF04abe7);
    final Color audioGreyBackground=Color(0xFFf2f2f2);

    Keep playing the music player

     onPressed: (){

    remove the stop() method if you want to 


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