Flutter carousel image slider

Created At: 2021-06-29 20:19:25 Updated At: 2021-06-29 20:21:02

In this flutter tutorial you will learn how to build a carousel image slider. It's a responsive image carousel slider both for mobile and web app.

In this example you will build a responsive image slider where you change the width and height dynamically. We will also display text on the image slider.

This slider changes image dynamically and works on tap as well. We have used a plugin to work it as a swiper in flutter.

This slider takes the full width of the screen on mobile, desktop or browser. In this slider we have used an AspectRatio widget to control the width and height of the slider images for web app and as well as for mobile app.

And we have the stack widget to overlap or place text and images onto each other. Get the github link for the starter code https://github.com/dastagir-ahmed/carousel


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