Flutter 3D Effect

Created At: 2023-01-02 19:01:45 Updated At: 2023-01-03 18:40:47

Learn how to create create 3d effect in flutter without plugins. This tutorial deals with 3d camera transform and perspective. Your 3D scene should start from here.

For our first mobile app and game, we looked around a bit and decided to go ahead with Flutter. Flame seemed cool, but ultimately we felt it’s a little bit opinionated on what a game should be, and misses out on what makes flutter, flutter by ignoring the abundance of native widgets to do its own thing.

Well, we know this is not a framework made for 3d rendering use cases. To be honest, when we were starting out we thought our game was going to look more like a basic app. But as we wanted to try more and more interesting things with our UI, and flutter just never said no to us. It handled everything we threw at it without complaining, so here we are.

At this point, we are very happy with our framework decision. But there is a distinct lack of examples on the web when it comes to how to do this stuff, so we wanted to open source all parts of our codebase that can help others as an inspiration.

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