Laravel Get File or Image from Storage

We will focus how to retrieve images or files from storage and it's sub folders in Laravel. Specially we will learn how to retreive or show images or files from storage/app/public/sub_folders.

Let's understand a basic command. 

php artisan storage:link

This command you want to use, after creating a folder inside storage folder, whenever you want to retreive files or image that lies in storage or sub folder of storage folder. 

Must know

/ leads to public folder

/storage/ leads to /storage/app/public/

The reason behind this is in the root/config/filesystems.php

Here you will see how storage represents app/public folder inside storage folder.

So storage_path refers to storage folder and storage_path('app/public') refer to  /storage/app/public/

In your laravel blade it would look like this

echo asset('storage/file.jpg'); //without subfolder uploads

echo asset('storage/uploads/file.jpg');

First file file.jpg is right inside storage/app/public/ folder and second line file.jpg is inside storage/app/public/uploads/

For the first line in browser you may type in and

for the second one you will also do the same.