Laravel Admin Panel Config Problems and Solutions

Created At: 2021-10-11 17:44:52 Updated At: 2022-12-28 19:44:59

There is a lot more info in the offical documentation site of laravel admin.

To solve most of your problem go to


404 Error

After install Laravel - Admin panel if you go to the backend then you might get 404 error. That's happens in general if you do 

php artisan migrate:fresh

After installing laravel admin panel don't do the above command. but you can do 

php artisan migrate:rollback  
php artisan migrate:rollback --step:last

Config Error

You might get another config error when you want to show a button on the backend after creating a controller.

The error could be like below

Then the solution is configure in your config/filesystems.php like below

       'admin' => [
            'driver'     => 'local',
            'root'       => public_path('uploads'),
            'visibility' => 'public',
            'url' => env('APP_URL').'uploads/',

If you dont' have the above code in your  filesystems.php then copy paste it.


Thumbnail Issue

If you thumbnail does not show up try to do php artisan storage:link,

Even after that it does not work then do then go to your .env file 

And change the APP_URL=//localhost to APP_URL=//

You also need to make sure that you run the below command

php artisan storage:link

You might also get the below error

impossible to create the root directory “/www/wwwroot/hyzt/public/uploads”.
impossible to create the root directory "/www/wwwroot/hyzt/public/uploads/images"

then just go ahead and create uploads folder under public folder. And create images folder under uploads folder.


Models don't exist

If you get this error while you create controller, make sure that, you have the correct path in your command

php artisan admin:make UserController --models=App\\Models\\User

Don't forget to use double slashes and correct path of model


Error In UploadField.php line 422

This happens because you are trying to create the same file twice. Delete the files like storage or uploads folder. The error should be gone. 

Can not access backend

If you can not access backend with the default name and password do like this. 

1. Find the database table admin_users

2. Put the encrypted password in the password field.


3. Then use user name : admin and password admin or 123456

4. After logging in you can change the password as you want.

Backend Upload Image Issue

for anyone who had the image issue , try this it might help 'url' => env('APP_URL').'/uploads', in the admin file system


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