How to send hidden value from blade to laravel controller?

Created At: 2020-10-10 10:21:17 Updated At: 2020-10-18 19:51:45

You need to use a form to do it. In your blade create a form like below 

          <form method="post" action="/learn-laravel">
                        <button class="btn-class" type="submit">View laravel tutorials</button>
                         <input type="hidden" value="7" name="any-name">

In your form, you need to mention the hidden field type, name and value with a input tag. Since this is a post request, the data value would be sent to the controller in your "any-name" variable. 

Decleare a route like this below

Route::post('your-url', 'NameController@yourFunction');

In the route the first parameter is the same the name of your action method in the form. Second parameter the first is the controller name and last section is the function name.

Within form the method must be post method. In your controller do like this

public function yourFunction(Request $request){



Now the variable $id would contain the value passed from laravel blade.


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