Deploy Laravel Web App in Shared Host | HostGator | Namecheap | Bluehost

This tutorial shows how to install Laravel or Laravel admin panel in shared host like HostGator, NameCheap and Bluehost.

This tutorial assume that, you alread have hosting account. This tutorial is for shared hosting of Laravel web app.

Get the code for .htaccess file from the link below and put in the root of your application. I mean inside the app folder of Laravel.

remove public directory from url laravel

Here you might have an error, when you try to visit the front end of the website in shared hosting. 

It happens due to the virtual host settings fo shared hosting. 

In general, shared host expects index.html from the root foolder of web app. But laravel doesn't depend on index.html, laravel depends on index.php file. But this file resides inside app/public folder in laravel.