Debug real world laravel applications in server

Created At: 2021-03-16 02:57:05 Updated At: 2021-03-16 06:06:27

Debug real world laravel application problems in server

The errors are listed below

1. Error 419

This could be most common problem which is session expired. Just login again then the problem would be solved. This problem could be raised for many other reason. For example, if you submit through ajax and you don't escape the action name in VerifyCsrToken.php file. In your Http/Middleware folder there is a file called VerifyCsrToken.php, add  the code as 

 protected $except = [

In the above code the "upload" is an action name. Just change this action name with your action name. I have explained this problem in this TinyMCE Laravel tutorial

2. 500 internal problem

This happens when you submit a form to database. If your database column length is less than the submitted field value length then you will get this error.  Most of the time this error is reported as local.ERROR: SQLSTATE[22001] in the log file. Watch the video on the link. I have explained this in the video with a real world example. 

500 internal error


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