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Project course

A Project-Based Course

It would be a complete project. In this project, you will learn how to make a project from scratch and put it in the real world. We will use the Laravel Framework in this project. End of this project you will have a complete understanding of a project and you will have a live website in your preferred domain.

Things you will learn in this project-based course:

 1. About HTML, CSS, and PHP

 2. Setting up a Laravel Project

 3. Buying and setting up your domain

 4. Using Laravel Framework

 5. Integrating Boostrap with Laravel

 6. Basic Introduction of MVC model in Laravel

 7. Create SEO friendly slug for your blog post

 8. Basic SEO for your website

 9. Creating your own posts or blog

 10.Uploading your images to the blog

 11. Uploading all of your code to the server

 12. Making it live to the world

13. Bug fixing of your webpages

14.  Learn how to use Chrome debugging tool

After finishing this course you will be like a professional and even you can apply for jobs. We will also give you a recommendation letter.