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How to register a domain in China?

Why should you register a domain in China

China is the next tech power and probably the next superpower. In recent years China has been doing great in technology and attracting a lot foreign company in china. So, if you want to do and establish your business with and within China, you must register your domain name with the Chinese government.

Once you have a registered domain in China, you build your website for China service and do a lot of marketing on WeChat using your website. The main reasons for registering the your domain name in China are 

A. Build a website for China market

B. To run your e-commerce shop in China

C. Run your business on WeChat which is connect to website

D. To use China tech service in your website


Requirements for registering a domain in China

1. Domain buying from China domain vendors

2. Server buying from China server providers

3. Company registered in China

4. Your passport copy with validity 


1. Domain buy from china domain vendors

You must buy a domain with the registered vendors in China. If you did not buy it from China domain registrars then you have to transfer it from the foreign registrars to the China sellers or registrars. Check out the China domain sellers list.

alibaba cloud domain name

Alibaba Cloud is the one of the most trustworthy domain sellers in China or globally.


tencent domain registration china

Tencent cloud is another giant in China which is competing with alibaba. They own WeChat, QQ and other major games. They also provide reliable service for domain registration.


china domain and website

Gainet is another option for buying domains for the China website.


website registration in china

Ai Wang Ming is another reliable service provider but unfortunately, this is all in Chinese, so if you Mandarin in bad you want to brush up on it.

Long ago I bought a domain in Hostgator and GoDaddy. Transferring them to China vendors was not an easy task. It took me three weeks to complete the process.


2. Server buying from China server providers

You need to buy a server in China before you start doing registration. So the condition is both domain and server sellers have to be in China.

You can buy servers for your needs from the above mention domain registrars. They all sell servers as well. But if you buy the server from them, you need to configure the server on your own. If you can not configure the server, then you need to hire a software engineer who would do for you. You also have to do server owner verification. It takes usually one to three days to do the verification.

Most of the domain and server providers offer service through English language and live chatting.


3. Company registered in China

Yes, your company has to be registered in China.  There are several places where you can register your company in Shanghai. There are four major places where you can do it. They are Baoshan District, Waigaoqiao free trade zone, Jinqiao free trade zone, Lujiazui free trade.  Actually, you can register your company anywhere in China. But Shanghai would be the most convenient place to do it, as there are many other hassles regarding a company registration in China.